How To Find a Proctologist - A Step by Step Approach

If it has been suggested that you need to see a proctologist in LA, then you may be wondering about how to find one and where to even begin looking. The majority of doctors specializing in this region of the body now prefer to be called colorectal surgeons instead of proctologists. The study of proctology is an old-fashioned term that is falling out of use, as colorectal surgery more accurately describes what is being done.

Step One: Ask Your Primary Care Physician For A Recommendation

One of the best ways of finding a reputable proctologist or colorectal surgeon is to ask your Los Angeles doctor for advice. He or she should be able to provide a list of surgeons in your local area, which you can use as a starting point for your research. Once you have the names of some surgeons, you should search for them online using a search engine such as Google. This will allow you to find their office websites, and the websites of the facilities where they work. This should provide information about the training and qualifications of each LA proctologist, and there are a number of things that you should be looking out for when reading.

When you are looking for a proctologist, you should choose one who is board certified. Choosing one who is an Attending Surgeon or Attending Physician at a major hospital will also be a good indication that they are experienced, well-qualified and knowledgeable about their field. A proctologist surgeon may also be a member of a professional organization such as the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, which is another positive sign. There might even be proctology doctors in Los Angeles that have formed groups or ratings that you might want to look into.

Step Two: Check the Proctologist’s Website as well as Online Reviews

While the surgery websites may give you the details you need about the procedures offered and the qualifications of the proctologist, there will not be any reviews from the patients. There may be patient testimonials, but these are highly unlikely to provide a reliable, unbiased opinion. Instead of relying on these, go to one of the popular review websites that enable patients to review the doctors and surgeons that they have seen, such as Vitals or Search for the colorectal surgeons you are considering, and see what other people have thought about the services offered. This may help you to narrow down your selection even further.

Step Three: Speak With The Proctologist (Colorectal Surgeon) For More Information

Once you have narrowed the list down to two or three different proctology physicians of Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, book a consultation with each of them. This will enable you to meet the proctologist and discuss any concerns that you may have, regardless of whether they are about the procedure or their experience. A reputable surgeon will be happy to answer any of your questions, regardless of whether they are about the surgery or their training and expertise. The benefits and risks of the procedures should also be discussed during this consultation. This is also an opportunity for you to ask about the location where the surgery will be performed and ensure that it is a facility that you are happy to use. Don’t be afraid to ask for a tour, or for further information. If you also want a second consultation before your procedure, then that is also perfectly fine.

Step Four: Book and Keep Your Consultation Appointment With The Surgeon

Your local proctologist will provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision about how you wish to proceed with treatment. Bowel screening may be indicated, but scheduling your initial appointment will enable you to start moving towards eradicating the problem.

What is The Difference Between a Proctologist And a Gastroenterologist?

A gastroenterologist is a doctor who specialises in treating diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (sometimes simply referred to as the digestive system). There are many different disorders that can affect the gastrointestinal tract, and any part of it, from the mouth to the anus, may require treatment. Many gastroenterologists choose to take a broad overview of the digestive system, rather than specializing in one particular part of it. This can be useful because it means that a gastroenterologist can look at the digestive system in its entirety, and can identify problems even when they are not where you might have expected.

A proctologist (now normally referred to as a colorectal surgeon, since the term proctologist is now considered to be outdated) specialises in conditions that affect the colon, rectum, anus and pelvic floor. A proctologist will be able to carry out a range of surgical and screening procedures to diagnose conditions that affect these parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Proctologists are able to offer a wide selection of specialist procedures, such as colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, and a range of surgical treatments, while a gastroenterologist is unlikely to perform these procedures. Instead, if you are seeing a gastroenterologist and a screening or treatment procedure becomes necessary, then you are likely to be referred to a specialist for this.

What Type of Disorders Do A Gastroenterologist Deal With?

A gastroenterologist is more likely to deal with functional disorders of the digestive tract, which do not have a clearly identifiable cause. Conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can cause debilitating symptoms that have an extremely severe impact on the patient’s quality of life, but treatment primarily focuses on how to control and minimise the symptoms. As there is often no discernible cause, the management of these conditions will normally need to be life-long.

What Type of Disorders Do Proctologists Deal With?

In contrast to this, a proctologist will be dealing with conditions that are much more treatable, usually through surgery to remove abnormal growths in the bowel and carry out repairs. The importance of surgery in the treatment of colorectal conditions is considerable, and any reputable proctologist will be a qualified surgeon specialising in procedures on this part of the body.

Gastroenterologists may treat conditions that involve the upper part of the digestive tract, such as the oesophagus, stomach and small intestine. The screening procedures for identifying and diagnosing these conditions are all likely to involve the use of a flexible tube and a camera to look at the lining of your digestive tract, though a proctologist will only perform these procedures on the lower regions.

How Do I Determine Which Type of Doctor I Need To See?

Whether you need a gastroenterologist or a proctologist will depend upon your symptoms and which area of your body is affected. You may be referred to a gastroenterologist first, who will consider your condition and decide whether you should be seen by another specialist, such as a proctologist. If surgical treatment is required, then this is most likely to be the case, and your gastroenterologist will then refer you on to a specialist in the appropriate type of surgery.

Your local proctologist or gastroenterologist will provide you with sufficient information to make an informed decision about the future of your treatment. Although there are many possible treatments for each condition, the first step has to be booking the initial appointment, which will put you on the path to eliminating, or at least controlling, your symptoms.

Proctology Examination in Los Angeles – Everyone Needs One But Nobody Likes Them

Proctology is the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the bowel (rectum and colon), anus, and pelvic floor. It is now more often described as colorectal surgery. Proctology examinations are most frequently used to screen for the early signs of colorectal cancer, and enable growths to be removed before they turn cancerous and develop into tumours.

The Colonoscopy – A Necessary Evil to Staying Healthy

The most common type of proctology examination is the colonoscopy procedure. This examines the entire length of the colon for the presence of fleshy growths known as polyps. While asymptomatic and not normally dangerous, it is nevertheless important to identify and remove polyps as soon as possible. If left untreated, they will eventually develop into tumours. This is the onset of colorectal cancer. Like the polyps, the tumours initially do not produce any noticeable symptoms, so they will not be noticed until the cancer has reached an advanced stage, where the tumour is either very large or it has metastasised (spread to other parts of the body).

A colonoscopy involves passing a narrow, flexible tube into the colon through the anal opening. The tube contains a camera, which enables the inside of the colon to be viewed on a screen by the doctor performing the procedure. The procedure does not require the use of an anaesthetic, but you will normally be offered a sedative, which will make it easier for you to relax. A lubricant will be used when inserting the tube, in order to reduce any discomfort you may feel. Colonoscopy can be uncomfortable, but it is not normally described as painful.

Colonoscopy is the most commonly used, and most accurate, method of screening the colon for the presence of polyps. It is also the only method that allows the growths to be removed at the same time. Other forms of proctology examination are considered to be less invasive, but it is necessary to undergo a colonoscopy procedure to remove any growths that are found.

Removal Of Colon Polyps – Painless Procedure That Will Save Your Life

Removal of a polyp found during a colonoscopy procedure is extremely simple. A wire loop known as a snare is slipped over the polyp, and tightened. This cuts through the stalk that attaches the polyp to the lining of the colon, cauterising it at the same time to prevent any bleeding from occurring. Once a polyp has been removed, it will usually be sent to the lab for analysis, to determine whether it had begun to turn cancerous.

However, once a polyp has been removed, it cannot grow back in the same location, which means that the risk of developing a tumour there is almost zero. It is possible for more polyps to develop in the surrounding area, so if you are considered to be at risk for colorectal cancer, regular screening will be necessary.

High Risk Patients Should See A Proctologist Immediately For An Exam

High-risk groups of people include those with a family history of polyps or colorectal cancer, those who are overweight or obese, and those who eat a diet that is high in saturated fat. People with inflammatory bowel conditions are also at increased risk.

Your local proctology specialist will provide you with sufficient information to make an informed decision about the future of your treatment. Although there are many possible treatments for each condition, the first step has to be booking the initial appointment, which will put you on the path to eliminating, or at least controlling, your symptoms.

The Hemorrhoid Free For Life Program

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Quit Fighting With Hemorrhoids And Treat Them The All Natural Way With The H Miracle

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Constipation: a painful hindrance in your daily life


Constipation is the most common and the most frequent occurring problem amongst the common population. Many Santa Monica constipation patients suffer discomfort. However the myth that constipation is a disease has long been busted, constipation is a symptom and not a disease. The scientific specification for constipation includes the symptoms such as incomplete bowel evacuation, strain while defeating, and irregular defecation. Constipation is a problem seen in people irrespective of their age. It affects children to adults of all ages.

Constipation can be broadly classified as severe constipation and constipation itself. Constipation would be when the stools are passed out three times in a week and sever constipation would be when the stools are passed out less than once in a week. Constipation can be witnessed due to a variety of causes for example, as a side effect of some medicines that are consumed regularly for other treatment, any other disease in the body that is related to the colon, lack of a fibrous diet, insufficient supply of water, overconsumption of health tablets regarding calcium, iron, energy etc.

Constipation is generally not given much attention until it sever symptom are seen. It is generally rubbed of as just a pain in the stomach, and in today’s fast track life, people tend to ignore these symptoms, as they have no time to be visiting a doctor. However, this is a very wrong practise as it can lead to severe problems later on. While talking on this topic the first question that is born in every mind is that “Am I prone to this?” well the answer would be yes. People of every age group are prone to this as it is generally it occurs due to careless eating habits and lack of attention towards earlier symptoms. Regardless there can be many more reasons for it. It is usually exceptional for newborn babies however; nothing can be stated as thumb rule. People above the age of 65 experiences this due to lack of exercise in turn leading to less intake of healthy food and liquids. People who travel a lot may experience this due to upset routines. They usually have no fixed meal timings, which leads to upset body routine however this can be sought once the regular diet is resumed. Junk food mongers face the similar issues due to unhealthy eating habits. In addition, patients who are undergoing treatment consume many medicines, which lead irregular bowel movements.

To treat constipation is there are many options available in the market today. You can choose from ayurvedic treatments to the medical treatments to surgical ones. However, surgical ones are rare and recommended for people on the worst level of chronic constipation. Various types of massages and exercises can be performed in order to cure constipation. In addition, one cause of constipation can be stress and the resulting hormonal imbalance, for this psychological treatment can be opted for. Home remedies for constipation include ginger tea, guava with its seeds for roughage, more fruit diets with fresh fruit juices, chopped onions etc. Normal exercises like a stroll in the park can be very helpful. Constipation can be avoided easily by keeping diet and daily routine healthy. Therefore, to eliminate those stomach pains totally from your life eat healthy, stay fit look great.

The Work Of Proctologists


The field of medical science is vast and broad. This specific fact is known to all medical students who wish to become a doctor. Well, it’s still understandable that an aspiring doctor needs to know what particular doctor he or she must be in the future. One can possibly choose from the different types of profession in medicine with the many divisions in medical care. Among the many divisions that a person could consider is actually the field of proctology. The doctor who works within this field of medical science is proctologist or commonly known to many as the colorectal doctor.

All the medical maladies or issues related to the large intestine is precisely what a rectal surgeon or colorectal doctor will oversee. Because they are concerned to these particular diseases, it is still also their responsibility to treat these diseases. There also instances when a Pasadena proctologist has to work closely with other medical professionals to treat other issues. The doctors they work are mostly those experts in gynecology, gastroenterology or urology.

The conditions, ailments or diseases they treat are numerous and vary in many ways. The most basic conditions they treat can be severe non-bacterial diarrhea and constipation. Another ailment that they treat is fecal incontinence caused by numerous causes such as muscle harm or nerve harm. Another thing that proctologists are famous for is the colonoscopy they do to patients, in order to make sure how well is actually the rectum and the colon of the patient. Here, the proctologist could be able to know if the patient is suffering from cancer, hemorrhoids and other rectal diseases and medical problems.

A person has to go to an skilled colorectal doctor for severe ailments in both the rectum and the colon. For problems which aren’t that intense like a light hemorrhoids case or constipation, one can possibly consult a general practitioner. When it comes to a lot more severe cases that require investigations and specialized surgery, a more skilled proctologist could be needed. If someone is referred to this kind of doctor, she or he will have a solution to his or her issue, irrespective of what it’s still.

Unfortunately, most people are embarrassed about visiting a colorectal doctor. Several could even fear the consultation because they do not want to undergo a colonoscopy procedure. Fundamentally, colonoscopy treatment is a medical procedure where a tube is inserted in the anus just to perform a thorough check-up on the rectum and the colon. That’s why many people are afraid of a proctologist, regardless of how important it is to them. Remember, a colorectal doctor is there to aid you, which explains why in the event you to get a consultation, dismiss all your fears and never be ashamed.

Digestive System - The Whole Process of Digestion


The human body is made up of many systems. One of those systems which work everyday is the well-known digestive system. This article will exclusively focus on the subject which every colon surgeon knows really well. In this post, we’ll understand how our digestive system functions and its importance in our body.

In summary, the body parts which are involved in the digestive process are actually the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, big intestine, colon, rectum and anus.

First Stage - The Mouth

The digestion process will always begin in the mouth. When a person eats, the food gets broken down by chewing. The saliva will do its part in assisting break down the food.

Second Step - The Esophagus

After the person has made a decision to swallow the food, the food will now move through the esophagus to be able to reach the stomach. Along the way, the muscle movements of the esophagus, which is called peristalsis, will force the food to the stomach. If a person is upside-down, he can still swallow food because of this type of movement.

Third Step - The Stomach

A body organ which is sack-like and can be expanded is referred to as the stomach. Its job is to churn the food and then bathe it with the acid that the stomach creates which is the gastric acid.

Fourth Step - The Small Intestine

After being churned by the stomach, the small intestine then gets the food. Typically, the food enters the small intestine’s duodenum. Following that, it’s going to be transferred to the jejunum and finally to the ileum. While the food is at the small intestine, this process is supported by enzymes which work to further break down precisely what the person ate.

Fifth Stage - The Big Intestine

This is the second to the last step of the digestive process. Exactly what the large intestine does is, it takes out the water and electrolytes (sodium is definitely an example) from the food. There are also certain microbes also at work in the large intestine which aid in the process. The food initially makes its way into an area of the big intestine which is called the cecum.

The food will travel upwards heading into the ascending colon. Whenever it accomplishes to ascend upwards, it’ll fall to the descending colon again after the food has passed through the abdomen. Lastly, the food gets to the sigmoid colon and this is located in the colon.

Sixth Step - Rectum to Anus

After going through the sigmoid colon, it’ll be passed and stored in the rectum. This is really a sensitive part of the human body wherein several abnormal problems may possibly occur like colon cancer for example. If this is found to be positive, colonoscopies are definitely needed. Once a specific amount of solid waste has been stored there, the stored solid waste will be excreted from the body through the anus.

When it comes to the digestive system, the process would not be complete if a certain stage is missed, or is functioning abnormally. Since this system’s task is to take out the wastes in your body, taking care of it through eating healthy food therefore is important.